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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to al transactions.


All prices displayed on this website include 21% VAT and linen. On your request, early check-in or check-out is possible for a €10,00 fee.


If you are to cancel your reservation up to two weeks before your date of arrival, we can refund the total amount of money paid, unless agreed otherwise. If you are to cancel your reservation within two weeks before your date of arrival, you are obliged to pay the total amount. We will try to arrange an other reservation for your room. If we are able to, we can refund a part of your sum.


The guest is to provide for his/her own travel, health and cancellation insurances.

Persons in the room

Only the persons checked in to the bed and breakfast can use our rooms and facilities. It is not permitted to have visitors or extra guests over without consulting the bed & breakfast first. Breaching this rule can result in an early end of your reservation. A refund cannot be demanded.


Guests are obliged to leave the room in exactly the same state as it was found in at the beginning of their visit. In the case of damage to the room or the inventory, the guest is obliged to report this to the bed and breakfast. The guest is liable for any damage during their stay, including damage caused by allowed visitors or guests. Any damage or missing items, and therewith costs for replacement or repairs, will be accounted to the guest, also when the damage is noticed after the stay.


Smoking within the bed and breakfast is prohibited. If smoking on the rooms is noticed, a fee up to €100,00 can be accounted to the guest.

Early cancellation of the stay

The owners of the bed and breakfast can end the renting agreement at all times when guests do not comply to the agreed terms and conditions, when there are complaints of noise disturbance or when damage is done to the rooms or the inventory. In these cases, the stay can be ended prematurely. A refund cannot be demanded.

Injuries and damage

The owners of the bed and breakfast cannot be held liable for any personal injuries, loss or damage of personal belongings or the rooms and inventory, forthcoming of the stay.

Loss of the key

If a key is lost, the guest is charged with a fee of €50,00.

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